Internal and External Grants and Funds


ARC Discovery Early Career Researcher Award:


Integrating social media with conventional data sources to model land use, Total Project Budget: $358,000

ARC Linkage:


An evolutionary model for interactions of land use and travel behaviour, Role: Lead Chief Investigator, Other Participants: Dr. Vinayak Dixit, Total Project Budget: $162,000


Planning and operational models for food rescue and delivery to the poor,  Role: Chief Investigator, Other Participants: Dr. Vinayak Dixit and Prof. Travis Waller, Total Project Budget: $152,000


Integrating Network Modelling with Observed Choice Data for Multi-Criteria Optimization of Complex Carshare Systems: Cost, Mobility and Transit Usage,  Role: Chief Investigator, Other Participants: Prof. Travis Waller, Dr. Vinayak Dixit, Dr. Lauren Gardner and Mr. Bruce Jeffreys (PI), Total Project Budget: $347,000